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Hot diggity!    

Check out this Etsy shop.

Most of my prints are there. The originals are for sale as well but not listed individually.


If you want something not in the shop, I can set up an Etsy listing for you, or we can figure out some other way to get that handled.  

I am also happy to ship prints of any originals not in the shop.  If it's on this site, I have a scan of it and can get you a print!

I can also do installments for anything you might want to buy but can't pay for all up front.


I also really love doing commission work. 


I do mostly ink drawings right now, but am also able to do acrylic paintings on artboard.

I am up for working from photos of anything you want!  Portraits, favorite characters, you name it, I can do something with it.  (probably)

This is a picture I did for a friend of mine, (which was easy 'cause she's gorgeous), but *you* can be gorgeous too!

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